Kubernetes & Drinks




Kubernetes & Drinks

13 November 2018

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

It's about that time for the next DevOps & Drinks meetup. We're really excited to announce that GIPHY will host us again! If you haven't been to the GIPHY office yet, you're missing out! One of the most fun, coolest offices in NYC! We're talking real VR, Highest Tech, Coolest Swag, and really great people.

As always there will be pizza and beverages (beer, wine, soda, water) provided free of charge. The Averity DevOps team will be raffling off a brand new Oculus Go again, since it was so popular at the last meetup!

As far as presentations, we're throwing a Triple Header at you!

We'll be hearing from the great crew at Signal Fx, Giphy and Beeswax.

We'll go over specifics about each presenter & presentation as the date gets closer. To begin....

Our keynote presentation:

Beeswax: Using Spotinst & kops on the Bleeding Edge

Beeswax is a NYC-based startup that builds great advertising software. With a team of 20 engineers, Beeswax operates a real time bidding platform that allows advertisers to build bespoke bidding solutions.

Under the hood, Beeswax's Programmatic Cloud™ is a large scale, high performance distributed system, implemented on AWS. With infrastructure responsible for millions of queries per second with a 99%-ile latency of 30ms, engineers at Beeswax are concerned about optimizing for scale, performance, and cost.

In this talk Elena Washington, a Site Reliability Engineer at Beeswax, will share more information about Beeswax's use case that makes using Spotinst's implementation of kops (Kubernetes Operations) as the driver for a Kubernetes cluster running on AWS-provided spot instances a risk worth taking. In her talk, Elena will briefly introduce you to Beeswax the company and the product, and share her perspective on why Kubernetes managed through Spotinst's fork of kops is worthwhile for Beeswax.

We will keep everyone updated on the presentations by SignalFx and GIPHY. It's going to be a great event.