Kubernetes, Istio & Microservices




Kubernetes, Istio & Microservices

21 May 2018


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More details to come over the next few weeks - this is the first in a series of Kubernetes themed events that are being planned.

For this kick off we have Nick Joyce from Real Kinetic coming over to discuss and demonstrate the exciting world of Kubernetes & Istio service mesh.

Our applications are growing, not only in size and scale but also complexity. With the adoption of microservices, observability and reliability is becoming more important.

During this workshop, we build a microservices enabled application on top of Kubernetes and demonstrate Istio as an effective tool for managing some of the operational complexity. We demonstrate reliability patterns such as rate limiting, circuit breakers, and even hack into our application to show the security layers that Istio provides.

Nick Joyce is a partner at Real Kinetic where he helps companies build scalable systems and organisations. Previously, he was the Head of Infrastructure Engineering at Workiva where he designed and built the CI/CD pipeline and PaaS used to run the second generation of applications. He is passionate about all things 'DevOps' and making it as simple as possible for developers to get quality code in front of customers as fast as possible.

Nick has been working with the cloud for the past 10 years and is an advocate for cloud native technologies like containers and Kubernetes. Recently, as microservices are becoming more prevalent, his focus has been around observability and reliability and has spent a lot of time with Istio, a service mesh that connects, manages, and secures microservices.