LDNUG September 2019




LDNUG September 2019

4 September 2019


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We're back at CodeNode for our September meetup, with James Bender talking about building REST APIs, and Atif Aziz talking about scraping web data with .NET

Please sign up at Skills Matter's website if you're coming - when you sign up you'll get an email with a check-in code, which you'll need to get into the venue on the night.

James Bender: Build the REST API Of Your Dreams

The world of software is becoming more disconnected. Be it mobile applications that run on our phone and tablets, or client-side JavaScript applications; the software world is moving to distributed architectures. When done right, these provide scalability and reusability that make applications more efficient to use, easier to write, and tolerant of changes. A well-made REST API can be the center of a rich and complex family of applications and workflows that can make solving even the most complex business problems as simple as playing with Legos. Still, many developers struggle beyond the basics of REST. What makes an API great and how should I structure mine? How do I deal with things like security and scalability? And what about this “HATEOAS” I keep hearing about, is that something I should be using? Also, what is GraphQL and should I care about it? In this session, we’ll go beyond the basic verbs and request/response paradigm and explore how to use REST to build APIs that provide the flexibility and reusability to serve your needs today and for years to come. We’ll talk about how to design a great API and care for it after deployment, and how to answer those questions about “HATEOAS” that might be gnawing at you.

James Bender has been involved in software development and architecture for 18 years. He has worked as a developer and architect on everything from small, single-user applications to Enterprise-scale, multi-user systems. His specialties are .NET development and architecture, TDD, SOA, WCF, Web Development, cloud computing, and agile development methodologies. He is an experienced mentor and author. James is a Microsoft MVP, Chairman of the Central Ohio Day of .NET and former President of the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group. James's book "Professional Test Driven Development with C#: Developing Real World Applications with TDD" was released in May of 2011.

Atif Aziz: Web Data Scraping for the .NET Masses

Abstract: When it comes to web data scraping (mining structured data from the web), the .NET landscape is quite dull & dry. Sure you have some cool libraries for HTML parsing and an HTTP API comes with the .NET Framework but the code and ceremony to get them talking gets ugly quickly. It's certainly not the code you'd show to your mom/dad/boss to make them proud. So often you shamefully have to resort to other languages and their rich libraries like Scrapy for Python that make you green with envy. That is, until hopefully now. Come join an exploratory talk on how you can scrape data off the web in .NET like a rockstar striking all the right chords with your audience; how you can do it interactively, iteratively, declaratively, generically & in seconds, just like them script kiddies except we can do it statically with C# & compile-time guarantees that come with type-safety. You'll be doing it with a fraction of the code, be that parsing HTML, tables or posting forms. Along the way, we'll touch on topics like functional (caution: explicit content with frequent uses of the M-word), immutability, state management, composition, dependency injection, testing & more. Wait, what does all that have to with web scraping? As Morpheus would say, “I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” :) Hopefully there'll be something for everyone in this talk, even if you're not mining data from web.