Leadership Matters




Leadership Matters

19 March 2019


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At this month's Leadership Matters, we are excited to be joined by Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick, co-hosters of the year's #1 agile podcast, 'Troubleshooting Agile'.
Don't miss your chance to soak up words of wisdom from these leading experts in agile!

18:30-19:00 Sign-in and get settled
19:00-19:45 Douglas and Jeffrey's presentation
19:45-20:00 Q&A

Sprinting In Place: The Cost of Missing Leadership Conversations

Are you missing the promised benefits of Agile? Douglas and Jeffrey believe that the biggest key to improved performance has been holding effective conversations on difficult topics like Trust, Fear, Why, Commitment and Accountability. Failure to have these conversations can lead to a wide range of symptoms, such as: resentment of external deadlines, failure in balancing quality vs speed, confusion over product direction, and conflict over estimates. Unfortunately most people have never learned the skills to have these difficult conversations effectively. In their talk they'll explore how and why human brains default to ineffective strategies, the value of skill development for conversations, and teach you two of their favourite techniques to get started on the road to dramatic improvements: Coherence Busting and Test-Driven Development for People.