LeanIT Meetup #5




LeanIT Meetup #5

1 July 2018


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Knowledge work, an exploration of human systems using ORSC

“Change is difficult” It’s something every client says. We tell people to adopt Agile techniques, we train them to Scrum, and they go back to their desk and nothing changes”. When we talk about systemic thinking in IT, most will associate it to the technical architecture and/or the processes that we operate IT with. Lean and Agile have emerged with a set of best practices and processes to improve the ways of working. So, if we press those processes hard enough into the organisation, surely outcomes will result, right?
And when this does not work, we’ll apply any of the following:
We’ll blame the method: “Agile does not work”
We’ll hammer it harder: “Every manager’s bonus will depend on their team working Agile by the end of the year”
We’ll bring in Consultants to implement bigger solutions: “What you need is SAFe – it’s written on the tin, S C A L L E D Agile Framework!”.
We’ll copy what those heap start-ups do: “Scaled frameworks are no good, what we need it the Spotify model!”

So what’s missing? IT is knowledge work, and humans are at the centre of the “system” of work.
Have you stopped for a second to ask to your people what they think and feel? Have you stopped to hear all the voices of your human system?
Have you connected to their dreams and energy, or simply told them to apply a process that will make their output better?
Have you ever considered that change might be an edge that your teams are not ready to go over, yet?

How you work with the human systems will not only help deliver your digital system, but it will continuously elevate and unleash the human potential for new creativity, beyond the mechanics of processes or computing. Make things simpler to unleash more uncharted innovation – we could Wardley map this!

In this meetup we will explore an approach to work with human systems using ORSC; Organisation Relationship and Systems Coaching is a methodology aimed at improving the positivity and productivity of teams. Last year was my first contact with ORSC. I was attending a meet-up where Naina Oliver was introducing us to ORSC. At first, I was slightly sceptical (“What? Do I have to stand-up?!”) but I went with the flow. This was my first enlightening experience. I then joined a few specific sessions as curious and this definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but every time that experience was taking me some place further. I have then signed-up to the full curriculum which I am now completing and WOW!

Meetup #5 will be an interactive session to help you on such a journey. Be ready to stand-up, interact and connect with the human system that will turn up on the 2nd of July. I am very glad that Naina could make it. We will co-host a short introduction to systemic thinking for teams and organisations followed by a few exercises, where you will be able to practice and experience it for yourselves.