Learn Machine Learning Workshop 5




Learn Machine Learning Workshop 5

18 June 2019


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6:30: Arrivals + Networking + Pizza/Beer

7:00pm: Jaymin Mistry, data scientist at PA Consulting, 'Natural Language Processing'*** (20-25 min talk with a few minutes for Q&A).

7:30pm: Noha data scientist at dataiku, 'Practical ML session using wine dataset'. Noha will be on hand to help those who get stuck while working through the challenge. (PLEASE bring a laptop).*

8:30pm: End and more networking for anyone who wants to stick around

*** This talk will cover the basics of Natural Language processing: why and how you might use it to solve problems as a data scientist. It will then cover the key features of the spaCy package and why you might (like to) use it.

* You can alternatively work on the dataset from workshop 4 if you wish to continue with work you started then.

Who is this meetup for?

Ideally you have a background in software engineering, science or mathematics. All of these will make it easier to get stuck in solving the challenges.

What is the aim of this meet-up?

The aim of these meetups is to provide an environment for you to teach yourself machine learning.

Any ability is welcome. This is a self-lead learning course and is based on everyone helping each other.

Do I have to have been to the previous workshops to come along?

We will be working in an environment set up by dataiku which will be very easy to get started with.