Software Engineering Meetup



Event Software Engineering Meetup

3 September 2019


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Join us at the LEGO Hub in London for our fourth software engineering-focused meetup where we’ll be talking about our adventures building

Come learn about and make new JavaScript friends. Food and drinks provided (note all drinks are alcohol-free and meat, veggie, vegan and GF food options provided).

6:30 - Arrival, food, drinks and networking
7:00 - Introduction and update on - Joe Hart (Software Engineer, The LEGO Group)
7:10 - “🥓 === OSS - 10 things every maintainer should do to 💓open source” - Lorenzo Sciandra (Software Engineer, Formidable)
7:35 - “Fargate Journey of (former” - Alvaro Llamojha (Senior Infrastructure Engineer, The LEGO Group)
7:50 - Networking Break
8:00 - *No more AWS Keys for you* - Nicole Yip (Senior Infrastructure Engineer, The LEGO Group)
8:20 - Serverless talk - TBC
8:45 - Wrap up


*Talk #1 - 🥓 === OSS - 10 things every maintainer should do to 💓open source - Lorenzo Sciandra*

Open Source and, in particular, maintaining a project is often seen as something complicated or an overhead.

In this talk, I'll try to make you fall in love with being an OSS maintainer - the same way you'd fall in love with bacon.

*Talk #2 - Fargate Journey of (former - Alvaro Llamojha*

Alvaro will take you on an Infrastructure/DevOps journey across the latest changes on Starting on the CI pipelines implementation through the migration to AWS Fargate featuring Terraform and ending with releasing using CircleCI.

*Talk #3 - No more AWS Keys for you - Nicole Yip*

AWS has security built into all of it's services and an extensive toolkit for keeping intruders out. But some people legitimately need access... like the dev team. This talk will explore how we are enabling our dev team to access our environments without needing to trust that they will guard their AWS keys with their lives.