LeSS Adoption Attempt




LeSS Adoption Attempt

19 September 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

I would like to start sharing my long experience in pieces, by doing deep dives in various aspects of the adoption attempt and having meaningful discussions around each.

Over time, I would like to cover the following dimensions of LeSS adoption:

-Background and History
-Organizational Design and Descaling
-Organizational Culture
-Adoption of LeSS
---Recognizing Pre-conditions Supportive of LeSS Adoption
---Learning Lessons from Adopting Basic Scrum
---Defining (and Expanding) The Product
---Realigning Teams (from Sub-Systems to One Product)
---Identifying Product Owner and SMEs
---Expanding LeSS by Adding More Teams
---Minimizing Side-work and Supporting Single Product Backlog
---Providing a Non-hierarchy Based Escalation Mechanism
---Improving Engineering Practices
---Forming Communities
---“Narrowing the Gap between Science and Business”
---Introducing Agile Budgeting
---Flattening Overall Organization Design

We shall start in the logical order but may deviate, if there is a very strong demand:). Time we spend on each aspect, depends on audience interest and participation.