Let\'s Talk ReactJS - What\'s Hot About ReactJS?




Let\'s Talk ReactJS - What\'s hot about ReactJS?

19 June 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

After the success of our talent talks conference "Let's Talk Tech" in Paris and London, we've decided to jump into a more specific topic with "Let's Talk ReactJS"!

ReactJS is a flexible and efficient front end Javascript library for building UI and is considered as one of the most popular frameworks this year, for companies and tech professionals alike.

On 19th June 2019, join us at Bulb's Head Office in Spitalfields (Liverpool Street Station) for an evening of learning and sharing around why ReactJS is so hot right now and what the future holds for this exciting framework.

You will hear from top startups in London as they explain why ReactJS is of such importance to them and why they are looking to recruit tech profiles with ReactJS expertise. Furthermore, experienced ReactJS professionals will give their insight on how they got into using the framework, sharing what makes it so special for them and why any developer should consider learning it.

Pizza, Snacks and Drinks will be provided at the event!