Let's Play TRIZ!




Let's play TRIZ!

2 July 2019


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✨ Abstract
TRIZ? Why we care of "theory of the resolution of invention-related tasks" (from Russian)?
72% of organisations do not have a process of innovation. One of the reason for this situation is because organisations often don't know HOW to do it.
TRIZ is a problem solving theory, which provides a powerful methodology and versatile tool for innovation. The methodology is practical based – derived from examination of observed innovation, not a theoretical concept. For consultants/improvement teams, TRIZ can be a support tool for creative thinking when faced with complex project/change issues.

In this event we will introduce TRIZ and explain its 40 "inventive principles". However this meetup will be very interactive and with effective takeaways for participants. In fact you will have also the opportunity to trial the ‘TRIZ for Services’ card game, and test your specific service issues, including ones in Digital and IT.