LFFN & 5G – The Next Wave




LFFN & 5G – The Next Wave

23 July 2018


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Future-proof Digital Infrastructure

This seminar is designed to provide support for local authorities and groups developing LFFN and 5G funding applications, and will look at lessons learnt, best practice, and suggested approaches.

The Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) Challenge Fund is approaching Wave 3 with £95 million left to award. The Fund provides local bodies an opportunity to develop the next generation of gigabit capable connectivity in their areas – giving the capacity for a step-change in their economies.

Using a range of targeted interventions, the LFFN aims to support the deployment of Full Fibre networks in rural and urban locations. How do the interventions work, what is best for your area, and how can you best present your case?

Wave 3 is expected to be strongly contended, with bids from across the UK. This event brings together successful projects from Wave 1 and Wave 2 to learn from their experience and understand the current best practice in stimulating investment and deployment of gigabit networks.  We also look at how these fibre networks complement 5G and associated funding opportunities.

The event is open to all, and provides an opportunity for local bodies to meet with suppliers, DCMS and expert advisors to help develop their projects.