Liz Keogh Comes To Visit




Liz Keogh Comes to visit

20 June 2019


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Whenever we do anything new, we make discoveries. Sometimes those discoveries speed us up, but more often than not they slow us down. The more innovative we are, the more we discover, and the higher the risk and uncertainty - so how can we lead, manage and work in a way which embraces that uncertainty and lets us make discoveries early and safely?

In this talk, Liz introduces the Cynefin framework to help make sense of different types of situations and how to approach them: the obvious ones, the complicated ones which require expertise, the complex ones in which outcomes emerge, and the chaotic ones that we're usually trying to avoid. Find out how XP's practices provide safety-nets essential for our complex, emergent problems... and how to introduce them to complex human systems in a way that's emergent too.