LNUG - Workshop #1 - Christmas Node Mini Hackathon




LNUG - Workshop #1 - Christmas Node Mini Hackathon

4 December 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

In December there will be a node workshop on learning node and exploring Api's. Join us for festive fun where we pair up and build something fun, silly, ridiculous, or all 3 using Node.js and a Public Rest API.

The API's will be randomly assigned from https://github.com/public-apis/public-apis Some examples are beer (https://punkapi.com/), environment (https://docs.openaq.org), and jokes (https://github.com/15Dkatz/official_joke_api).

The format will be.
6.30pm arrive - socialise, food and pair up!
7pm kick off - Very short Introduction to node and API's. Choose API to work with from the list.

7.15pm - Start building something as a pair

8.40pm - Get together as a group and share what we created and learnt.

9.00pm - Pub (The Red Lion)

Bringing a laptop is recommended. Computer brain interfaces are not yet advanced enough for you to connect directly to the cloud.