London Accessibility Meetup #26




London Accessibility Meetup #26

2 May 2019


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We have two more exciting talks lined up for May, this time with a focus on writing accessible code.

Marcy Sutton will be talking about Empathy Driven Development with a live accessibility audit with React.js

Matthew Tylee Atkinson will be talking about ARIA Landmarks Roles and why and how to use them.

Talk 1: Empathy Driven Development - Marcy Sutton, Gatsby

In this special live coding presentation from Marcy Sutton, you’ll learn hands-on skills for developing inclusively with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Marcy will cover:
Client-rendered application development with React.js
Semantic HTML in JavaScript applications
Focus management techniques and when to use them
Disabling animations to keep your users from getting sick
Writing automated tests to uphold quality

Marcy Sutton is the Head of Learning at Gatsby, a startup creating fast, accessible websites and webapps while building a strong community. Previously, she was a Developer Advocate and Senior Frontend Engineer on the axe-core team at Deque Systems, developing tools for web accessibility testing. In 2016, O’Reilly gave Marcy a Web Platform Award for her work in accessibility. She co-leads the Accessibility Seattle meetup and recently founded a group called NW Tech Women. When away from the keyboard, Marcy can be found hiking with her dog, riding a bicycle, or snowboarding.

Talk 2: ARIA Landmarks Roles - Matthew Tylee Atkinson, The Paciello Group

ARIA landmarks are easy to implement and can really help various people get a quick overview of your site, and navigate it much more effectively. This talk will explain why landmarks are important for users and how to use them.

Matthew Tylee Atkinson is an accessibility consultant, researcher and developer working towards ubiquitous accessibility for information and communication technologies. His main research interest is developing the means, such as user profiling techniques, to match people to forms of assistance and applying these in areas from web to game accessibility.


6:00 - Registration opens. Networking, drinks and pizza

7:00 - Talk 1: Empathy Driven Development - Marcy Sutton

8:00 - Break

8:30 - Talk 2: ARIA Landmarks Roles - Matthew Tylee Atkinson

9:00 - Close. Join us for networking in a local pub