London Clojure Dojo At USwitch




London Clojure Dojo at uSwitch

8 July 2018


Added 01-Jan-1970

The goal of the session is to help people learn to start working with Clojure through practical exercises, but we hope that more experienced developers will also come along to help form a bit of a London Clojure community. The dojo is a great place for new and experienced clojure coders to learn more. If you want to know how to run your own dojo or get an idea of what dojos are like you can read more here.

What should I bring?

We hope to break up into groups for the dojo. So if you have a laptop with a working clojure environment please bring it along.

How do I get in to the building?

There is a buzzer at the main entrance on the street. Press that to alert reception you have arrived.

Is there a mailing list I can find out more information?

Why yes. Yes there is.. and we’ll be discussing this and other meetups on the london-clojurians mailing list

What is Clojure? Clojure is a JVM language that has syntactically similarities to Lisp, full integration with Java and its libraries and focuses on providing a solution to the issue of single machine concurrency.

Its small core makes it surprisingly easy for Java developers to pick up and it provides a powerful set of concurrency strategies and data structures designed to make immutable data easy to work with. If you went to Rich Hickey’s LJC talk about creating Clojure you’ll already know this, if not it’s well worth watching the Rich Hickey “Clojure for Java Programmers” video or Stuart Halloway “Radical Simplicity” video .