London Continuous Delivery




London Continuous Delivery

10 December 2019


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Join us for an evening of great discussions & talks and beer & pizza.

We'll start off with the food and the drinks at 6.30pm.

Talk 1: DataOps and Business Intelligence Testing Approaches by
Jennifer Stirrup.

How do we test that our Business Intelligence projects are ready to go live? What is DataOps anyway; is it even real?

In this session, we will explore different test and deployment methodologies for Business Intelligence, and ways in which we can improve our processes and do things better.

This session will offer practical insights into aligning and measuring our testing, and improving our changes of a successful project.

You will learn:

About DataOps and what it is
About Business Intelligence and how to use DataOps to go live successfully
About different testing strategies

Talk 2: Why organisations get stuck, and how you can help by Simon Copsey

Organisations are complex, which means no one person understands the whole. They are places where it’s often hard to see the full effect of our actions. This means, when people try to improve the organisation, they often make it worse, without realising - despite even the most positive intent.

This is a story of how organisations can become stuck, and how you can help them as you lay the foundations for Continuous Delivery.

#systemsthinking #theoryofconstraints #culture #continuousimprovement #transformation #vuca #complexity

Simon is a organisational change consultant with a desire to help organisations be better homes for employees and, in doing so, create better experiences for customers.
He’s previously been fortunate to masquerade as a software developer, delivery lead, product manager, visiting lecturer, and coach. One day he fears he’ll be figured out.