London DevOps #45




London DevOps #45

4 July 2019


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For our July meetup we are generously hosted by Babylon Health at their offices in Chelsea. Here is the draft schedule (subject to change):

6:30pm - Arrival, Drinks and Food

6:45pm - Introductions

7:00pm - A year of GitOps in production - Dmitri Lerko (loveholidays)

A retrospective... In 2018 loveholidays migrated from on-premise to GCP's GKE. In this journey they abandoned their do-it-all Jenkins and embraced minimalistic Google Cloud Build for CI/CD needs. They decided outright that they wanted declarative, source controlled system of deployment and change management. GitOps using Weave's Flux came to the rescue. They've learnt that cultural change was the hardest obstacle. Learn about the pros and cons of GitOps for Kubernetes.

7:30pm - Adventures in WebAssembly - Milos Gajdos

Milos will talk about WebAssemly (Wasm), which is bringing near-native performance to the browser, by allowing devs to build high-speed web apps in the language of their choice. Full synopsis TBA

8:00pm - Open Floor Session

8:30pm - Close and pub