London Infrastructure As Code




London Infrastructure As Code

15 March 2018


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Server Build Automation

This is a new Meetup to showcase infrastructure as code. Aimed at current sysadmins and linux engineers, the talks will cover how to build, manage and secure your infrastructure using current automation tools.

The focus will be the infrastructure side, not the developer side of the tooling. Hence, infrastructure as code.

The venue and time is still being finalised. Thank you for bearing with me.

Rough Itinerary:

18:00: guest arrival.

18:30: First talk:
Using Terraform to build infrastructure in AWS including openScap hardening.

18:50: Second talk:
Server discovery with Consul and monitoring your infrastructure with open source monitoring tool alerta.

19:10: Third talk:
Using Ansible to run Ad-hoc tasks and data collection within your estate (up and running in 5 minutes)


Hello and welcome to the infrastructure as code meetup group.

Firstly, I'm looking for a venue to host our first meetup. Please contact me if you know somewhere in central London (London bridge, st Paul's, Blackfriars, etc) that can fit around 50 people during the week from 6pm for a few hours.

I would also love to hear from you if you'd like to present a short 20 minute talk on how you've automated a part of your server estate or configuration. You can be using a standard automation tool or even a new product you want to showcase.

Everything infrastructure related will be considered.

I'll try to arrange beers afterwards for anyone who doesn't need to rush off.