London Microservices Meetup




London Microservices Meetup

11 December 2019


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6:30 pm: Arrive, food & drinks, networking

7:00 pm: Brief introductions

7:05 pm: The less talked-about benefits of microservices by Cristian Vrabie (Fixter)

7:45 pm: Quick 5-minute break

7:50 pm: Scaling Gousto: Making Microservices Great Again by Abu Shoaib (Gousto)

8:30 pm: Finish, networking


We're big supporters of Meetup Mates: If you would like to attend this meetup but you feel overwhelmed by the idea of going and networking by yourself, Meetup Mates is a great way to connect with like-minded people to go to meetups with!


The less talked-about benefits of microservices
Cristian Vrabie, Fixter

Many times we're asked to speak about the benefits of microservices, we rush to praise the ease of scaling as the main advantage. But scaling is not an interesting topic for all projects, nor are microservices the only way to achieve it. We hear much less about the benefits microservices bring to security, collaboration and reliance. This presentation seeks to show 7 such benefits through the hands-on experience of a young tech startup.

Key takeaways:
- Microservices force a shift in thinking that leads to better-decoupled design
- Minimum necessary permissions model improves security
- Well-defined service boundaries improve service reliability
- Smaller logical chunks reduce build time, complexity, and conflicts in collaboration
- Smaller code units allow gradual upgrade and foster experimentation

Cristian is a hands-on CTO that has built and made mistakes in most programming languages and paradigms. After over a decade of experience, having worked in companies both big and small, he’s helping Fixter reimagine the car maintenance industry.