London Monitoring Summer Meetup




London Monitoring Summer Meetup

12 June 2019


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Come along for drinks and pizza from 6.30, the talks will begin at 7.00. Afterwards we will go for a drink at a nearby pub.


▶︎ Toomas Ormisson - Navenio - Insight by code instrumentation:

Instrumenting code by Python example, using Prometheus data model and Grafana. Delivering your application using Helm and making use of Kubernetes requests and limits. Taking ownership for the software we produce.

▶︎ Emily Labram and Philip Potter - Government Digital Service - Meaningful Monitoring

At GDS we've been working with Product Managers to monitor what matters. Cracking down on alerting noise, alert blindness and sprawling dashboards. And monitoring the success of user journeys instead.

We will talk about what we’ve learned while implementing "Service Level Indicators" in practice: both what's worked well, and what's been more challenging; and how we’re becoming increasingly proactive about reliability as an organisation.