London .NET July




London .NET July

3 July 2018


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This month we're delighted to host speakers Ebru Cucen and Milian Lechire, with a couple of great sessions about building Slack bots in .NET Core using Noobot, and how to build better API calls.

How to set up and run your bot in minutees
In this talk, we will show the configuration and the implementation of a bot, an OSS Slack bot called Noobot written on .Net Core, in minutes with a vision of how this helps enhancing the developer experience, not only by decreasing the amount of BAU work, but also, securing it.

Ebru Cucen
Ebru is a DevOps consultant, helping organisations to enhance their developer experience, deliver better quality software, with secure, traceable workflows.

How to get your API calls right?
We will question how to implement a good API call, using our Slack bot, Noobot as a base, and deep dive on the common mistakes, also examples to show how we can make it better!

Milian Lechire
Milian has spent his last 10+ years as a software developer, primarily focused on .Net technologies with a strong interest in different language paradigms and software craftsmanship.