London Network Automation Meetup #10




London Network Automation meetup #10

6 June 2019


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Pieter van Os and Wim Gerrits - Network Automation and Orchestration with data-driven playbooks
Pieter van Os is a Solution Architect and network automation thought leader. His day job is implementing network automation use-cases for customers and training engineers on how to become a network automation hero. Over the last 6 years, he has been the lead automation consultant at Rabobank group realising full orchestration of all their multi-vendor LAN, WAN, DC and Core networks.
Wim Gerrits is the founder of NetYCE and community manager of #networkautomationheroes. He has 17+ years of experience helping automate customer networks like Rabobank, Ministry of Defense, Vodafone, Ziggo, KPN and many others around the world

Luke Overend - Automatically Reacting To Packet Loss

Luke is a Network Software Engineer at Cloudflare, he works mainly on event based automation and auto-remediation.

Mircea Ulinic - Network Automation Infrastructure at Digital Ocean

Mircea is a Senior Network Developer at Digital Ocean and a great advocate of event-driven automation. He is a major contributor to the NAPALM and Salt projects, being awarded the SaltStack contributor of the year in 2017.

Thank you Cloudflare for hosting us in their amazing new office right next to London Eye and for providing the food and drinks.

We'll follow the usual format:
6.00pm Arrival, drinks and food
6.30pm Sponsor introduction
6.40 pm Presentations
8pm Panel discussions
9.00pm Event ends. Adjourn for discussions somewhere nearby :)