London Node.JS Meetup




London Node.JS Meetup

6 March 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

Our first London Node.JS Meetup will be on the 6th of March at the YLD office. If you would like to speak at our future meetups, send us a message!


1) Sam Bellen (@sambego) - Developer Evangelist @ auth0

*Knock knock, who's there? Authenticating your single page apps using JSON Web Tokens*

In this talk, Sam will try to explain in depth, the way JSON Web Tokens work and can be used to secure your single page apps. He will explain the difference between using opaque tokens and JWTs. The talks will also give an overview of a modern authentication flow and a step by step breakdown of how it works exactly. No specific previous knowledge is required, but it helps the audience has some experience with authenticating users.

2) Mike Solomon (@h4x0r4l1f3) - CEO @ Meeshkan

*Non-deterministic testing for NodeJS*

This talk turns the deterministic testing paradigm on its ear, focusing on unchanging code bases with changing, non-deterministic unit tests that use different input data and different API outcomes on each run of a continuous integration process to build an evolving map of potential outcomes.