London Python MeetUp




London Python MeetUp

22 February 2018


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Intro to Testing in Python


Unit testing is the foundation of stable and robust code and guards against unforseen consequences of changes, yet the subject is dreaded by most new programmers. It is though unavoidable in the professional environment and learning it early in your programming journey can only be beneficial.

We have an opportunity to listen to a talk by Tomasz Kluczkowski - electrical engineer and a student of Computing and IT at Open University.

If you have doubts on how to approach the issue of unit testing this talk is for you. Tomasz is going to discuss the absolute basics to get a solid understanding of the whole concept as well as see what Test Driven Development is about.

Tomasz will construct a small functioning class and unit test it in classical and TDD approach to compare both methods. You will also learn about Pytest - a great framework for testing.

After the theory / examples there will be a short live coding session where a small problem will be solved from scratch using TDD technique to show how it is done in practice.