London Scala Talks




London Scala Talks

21 November 2019


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6:30pm - Doors open. Come along for free dinner and refreshments! Vegetarian and gluten free options are provided. Let us know if you'd like something special - we'd be happy to accommodate!

7:00pm - *Joe Warren: Lessons Learned Building a van Laarhoven Lens Library*

Sometimes called "The JQuery of DataTypes": Lenses and other Optics provide a clean functional interface to the common task of modifying complex data structures. Brushing over any practical use cases, this talk takes a magnifying glass to one particular Optics representation: van Laarhoven Lenses. We'll explore how building a van Laarhoven-based Lens Framework may require some of the lesser known Functors, and see if Lenses can shine a new light on how we think about Abstraction.

7:40pm - Intermission

7:50pm - *Daniela Sfregola: FP: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly*

You are about to fall in love with Functional Programming, if not already. You are going to learn the good parts that are going to make your day-to-day life easier. But since nobody is perfect - not even FP -, you are also going to see its bad and ugly parts, and you'll discover how to deal with them: from learning challenges to performance issues on the JVM.

8:30pm - Join us in a nearby pub or restaurant to discuss the talks!