LPWAN London Meetup #19




LPWAN London Meetup #19

3 July 2019


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Join us for the last event before the summer break with drinks and networking as we listen to great speakers who are making LPWAN a reality in the UK. At our meet up events, we want to give entrepreneurs a voice to share their LPWAN success stories with us to help inspire this rapidly growing community and expose you to challenges of real businesses that can be tackled with LPWAN. We also share insights about the latest LPWA trends that help entrepreneurs better navigate this rapidly moving technology landscape.

After months of silence from the Sigfox eco-system, this session will provide opportunities to catch up with recent developments on the UK market. We will hear success stories from WND UK on how a different market approach has enabled their ecosystem partners to address new business opportunities. Kemuri a UK IoT startup will share first hand experiences in enable social care applications with Sigfox. We will also learn about what is happening in the Midlands with LPWAN technology, in particular about smart city projects involving LoRaWAN in Birmingham.
People of all backgrounds, ages and interests welcome!