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Machine Learning Infra

6 December 2018

New York

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"Doing large scale ML in production is hard" – Everyone who's tried
This talk is focussed on ML Systems. Especially the less obvious pitfalls, which have caused us troubles at Spotify.

This talk assumes a certain level of familiarity with ML: You'll get the most out of if you've some experience with applied ML, ideally on production systems.

Note: Security needs to check your ID against the RSVP list. Please sign up with your full name, or reach out to one of the organizers if you are not using your full name on Meetup, but want to come. The talk will start around 6:30pm but we encourage you to come a bit earlier because it might take a bit extra time to check everyone against the list.

Note 2: The meetup was shifted a bit earlier than originally announced. Great if you can show up[masked]pm

Romain Yon is a Staff ML Engineer at Spotify. Over the years, Romain has worked on many of the core ML systems that power Spotify today (Music Recommendation, Catalog Quality, Search Ranking, Ads, ..).
During the past year, Romain has been mostly focusing on designing reusable ML Infrastructure that can be leveraged throughout Spotify.
Prior to Spotify, Romain co-founded the startup while getting his MSc in ML from Georgia Tech.