Making AI And Software Good For Clinical Use




Making AI and software good for clinical use

26 November 2019


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Whatever your background, if you’re developing a system, software or device for healthcare, you must do it in a good way. There is always a risk of creating a system that is artificially stupid, compounded by the limited experience each of us brings from our own discipline, whether engineering, software, data science, biomedical or clinical. Taking the right steps helps minimise this risk.

We will look at the ethics of software medical devices, highlighting how this complements privacy, research ethics, medical device regulation, and good practice (GxP). The talk will present case studies where developers and clinicians went wrong, and are making potentially dangerous mistakes today, through examples from digital health and artificial intelligence. These will illustrate a framework that is widely applicable.

Dr Antony Rix is a software engineer, data scientist and entrepreneur. He founded Granta Innovation to provide consultancy, research and development services on AI and commercial applications of new technology in healthcare and business. His current focus is building a new startup applying AI to early detection of cancer.


With our first evening event, we'll get more of a chance for informal chat and to get to know each other!

Schedule for the evening is as follows:
- 6pm: Venue open for networking
- 6:30 - 7:30pm: talk and Q&A
- 7:30 - 8:30pm: networking