Managing Complexity At Scale




Managing complexity at scale

5 December 2018

New York

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TALK #1: Microreleases - How to safely rollout complex changes at scale

Description: Jeffrey Valeo explains how to safely rollout complex changes at scale.

Speaker bio: Jeff Valeo is a Principal Site Reliability Engineer on the cloud infrastructure team at Grubhub. Previously, Jeff was a Technical Lead at Apple and an Engineer at Google.


TALK #2: Spinnaker Basics for Cloud Deployments

Description: Ethan Rogers will give an introduction on using Spinnaker to manage cloud deployment.

Speaker bio: Ethan is a Senior Software Engineer at Armory and active OSS contributor to Spinnaker.


EVENT DETAILS: Doors open at 6pm. Talks begin at 6:30pm. 🍕+ 🍺will be provided.