MariaDB And MySQL Dad




MariaDB and MySQL dad

15 July 2019


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Monty Widenius and Vicentiu Ciorbaru from the MariaDB Foundation will be in London, and will meet the Community. Monty is the creator of MySQL and MariaDB. Vicentiu is a software engineer of MariaDB Foundation.

To propose a 5mm talk, please send an email to:
Confirmed lightning talks are listen below.

* 18:00 - Welcome and networking
* 18:20 - Introduction, by Federico Razzoli
* 18:30 - Lightning talks
* 19:00 - MariaDB and MySQL - What Statistics Optimizer Needs Or When and How Not to Use Indexes by Vicentiu Ciorbaru, software engineer @ MariaDB Foundation
* 19:30 - Pause
* 19:40 Meet the creator of MariaDB and MySQL - by Monty Widenius, CTO @ MariaDB, founder @ MariaDB Foundation

Afterwards, we can move to a nearby pub.


Vicențiu Ciorbaru
MariaDB and MySQL - What Statistics Optimizer Needs Or When and How Not to Use Indexes

When your SQL query reaches the DBMS, it's the optimizer's job to decide how to execute it for you to get the result as fast as possible. To make this decision optimizer can examine the actual table data, but with multi gigabyte and terabyte tables, the only practical solution is to use various data statistics that were collected in advance. The better the statistics and the more precisely it describes the actual data, the faster the plan will be because the optimizer image of reality will be closer to the actual reality.

In this talk, you'll learn what data statistics MariaDB and MySQL can collect, what statements do that, how to tell the optimizer to use it (it won't necessarily do it automatically!) and how it can make your queries many times faster.

And, of course, when not to use indexes, when up-to-date statistics is enough.

Michael (Monty) Widenius - Meet the creator of MariaDB and MySQL

Ever wondered why MariaDB was created in the first place and where it is going now? Or perhaps you are curious what Monty thought when designing MySQL initially?

Come ask Monty anything you would like to know about MariaDB or MySQL, all while enjoying a nice drink in a relaxed atmosphere.


Recognizing Burnout
Andrew Hutchings, Software Engineering Manager

In this lightning talk I will cover the major burnout I had towards the end of the Drizzle project. I will then delve into how you can watch for it in communities and steps you can take to help.