MarketEd.Live 2020




MarketEd.Live 2020

21 September 2020


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MarketEd.Live is a conference we created because what we wanted didn't exist. If you work in marketing, or are a business owner that conducts your own, our event will bring to you the latest knowledge, advice and strategies from world-class industry experts and big brands.

A single-track conference, MarketEd.Live is curated to ensure all sessions gel together and provide attendees with plans they can take away and implement in their business the following day.

This year, our theme is 'Closing the gaps'. We want to close some of the gaps that our audience has identified, whether that's the gap between sales and marketing teams, the gap between a customer saying 'yes' or 'no, or simply gaps in knowledge.

Conference day is supplemented by additional learning either side of the event, our fun pub-quiz on the Sunday evening, and a networking after-party on Monday night.

Tickets are fantastic value for the learning gained during the event, MarketEd.Live represents a learning experience that cannot be bettered.