Mastering Microservices Monitoring With Prometheus




Mastering Microservices Monitoring with Prometheus

8 March 2018


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Join us for a live, hands-on workshop at QCon London

Monitoring containerised apps creates a whole new set of challenges that traditional monitoring systems struggle with. In this hands-on Workshop, Ilya and Brice from Weaveworks will guide you through using the open source Prometheus monitoring toolkit and integrating it with Kubernetes on an example application.

After this workshop, you'll be able to use Prometheus to monitor your microservices on a Kubernetes cluster. We'll cover:

- An introduction to Kubernetes to manage containers;
- The monitoring maturity model;
- An overview of whitebox and blackbox monitoring;
- Monitoring with Prometheus;
- Using PromQL (the Prometheus Query Language) to monitor your app in a dynamic system

What to bring
- Linux / Mac / Windows laptop
- Being able to create a basic web application in a language of your choice
- Comfortable using the terminal and using command line utilities

Important to know
This is a paid workshop being run at the QCon London event. Please check out their website for tickets to register and attend -