Mastering Stress Resilience To Accelerate Your Career




Mastering Stress Resilience to Accelerate Your Career

13 March 2019


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- Have you felt overwhelmed and that you just don’t have enough headspace or time to do it all?
- Are their tensions in important relationships in your life e.g. boss, partner?
- Do you look at successful leaders and wonder how they manage it all?
- Do you achieve one thing and then rush onto the next?

Creating the mindset and awareness for stress resilience is vital for collaboration, creativity, enjoyment and fulfilment. We lead hyper stimulated, hectic lives with endless to do lists and may feel bombarded by multiple sources of stress from missing the train, a deal or a deadline to serious disease in a loved one. Key relationships may be fraught with tension and many people are experiencing chronic stress with an endless sense of being tired and frustrated despite being highly productive.

This interactive session will teach you how stress affects our mind & body, why it’s vital to deepen your resilience and how to develop your toolkit to become an "Energy Master" with numerous practical tips to manage stress and transform it into a source of personal and professional growth.

In the session we will cover:

- How our body switches to ‘fight or flight’ and how to switch it back to feeling calm and restful
- Latest discoveries from neuroscience on the power of thought
- Compassionate communication with self and others
- The 4 key influencers vital to live a long, happy life with effective stress resilience including Nutrition, Relaxation, Fulfilment and Movement

The aim of the session is that you leave with a personalised action plan, feeling calmly energised and inspired, equipped to master your energy and stress resilience so you can really thrive in life and business.