May Meetup @ Google




May Meetup @ Google

22 May 2019

New York

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Getting Comfortable With Peeking Under the Hood by Andrew Brogdon and Hans Muller

Developers adopting Flutter start at the widget layer, creating Stateful and Stateless widgets, putting building blocks together, and composing whole applications without needing to go further into the details of the SDK. This encapsulation is something Flutter has been designed to make possible. An important step on the path from beginner to seasoned coder, though, is to understand what goes on after you create a widget and call runApp, to know how all the unseen pieces work together to bring your app to life.

In this talk, Andrew and Hans from the Flutter team will take you beyond the widget layer into the element and render object trees. They'll show you why they exist, how they're constructed, and how they work together. By the end, you'll have a deeper understanding of how a Flutter application operates, plus know how to make smart decisions about how to work within the widget layer and how to create your own elements and render objects should the need arise.

Andrew is a Developer Programs Engineer on the Flutter team, making sample apps, guides, videos, and tools to help people get started and grow with Flutter. Prior to joining Google, he studied poetry under Kathy Fagan in the Ohio State University MFA program.

Hans is the tech lead for Flutter's Material library and has been working on the project since it was just a crazy idea. Before the Flutter project Hans worked on Chrome at Google and Adobe and before that he was the tech lead for the Java Swing GUI toolkit at Sun.

Food and drink will be served, courtesy of Google.