Microservices At Google




Microservices at Google

30 October - 6 November 2018

New York

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What We Got Wrong: Lessons from the Birth of Microservices at Google

The folks at Lightstep are hosting a Meetup on microservices nightmares and wanted to extend the invitation to the NYC Metrics and Monitoring group. Hope you can make it!

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Google deserves a lot of credit for imagining (and popularizing) what we now call "microservice architectures." That said, hindsight is 20/20, and many of the mistakes we made at Google are being recreated by the rest of the industry today. What did we get wrong about microservices at Google, and how can we apply those lessons today?

Spoons (Daniel Spoonhower) is CTO and Co-founder at LightStep, where he’s building performance management tools for modern software systems. Previously, Spoons spent almost six years at Google where he worked on developer tools as part of both Google’s internal infrastructure and Cloud Platform teams. He has published papers on the performance of parallel programs, garbage collection, and real-time programming. He has a PhD in programming languages from Carnegie Mellon University but still hasn’t found one he loves.