Microservices Meetup




Microservices Meetup

3 July 2018


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Mid Tier Caching; When Every Day is a DoS
Recently the BBC has rebuilt its media discovery API converting it from a monolith to micro services architecture. We will be discussing how we designed a micro service REST API with high load and performance in mind specifically, how do we use caching to ensure high traffic events do not take us offline.

Key takeaways: - Making micro service REST APIs resilient to transient load - Asynchronous cache refreshing – make sure your audience never wait for your database - Practical techniques you can employ to improve your cache hit ratio

Kayla Shapiro
With a background in mathematics and computer science, Kayla joined the BBC as a software engineer in February 2017.

Pete Tanton
Pete graduated from The University of Salford with a degree in Audio Technology and joined the BBC in 2015 on the Software Engineering Graduate Scheme

Acceptance Testing in the Microservices World
In the emerging architecture of microservices, teams try to be as agile as possible.

This means that new services pop up quickly. The number of interconnections increases exponentially, making integration testing much more complex and time-consuming. How can engineers avoid compromising on quality assurance, while also maintaining an adequate delivery cadence ? What if I told you that there could be a technique, which could speed up your development lifecycle, while also increasing your confidence that your code works ? This talk will present a technique, which allows teams to gain quick feedback for new code that's introduced in a codebase, thus being able to move faster without breaking things.

Key takeaways: - A way to structure dependency injection in your service, improving maintainability - A new category of testing, something between the fields of unit testing and integration testing - How to easily enable this new category with the least amount of code - Some handy Spring tools

Dimos Raptis
Dimos is a software geek with an MSc in Software Engineering and working experience from both small software shops and big tech companies. He's been working with microservices architectures for the last 4 years, constantly looking for new approaches on designing, implementing and verifying distributed systems.