Microservices On The JVM




Microservices on the JVM

15 February 2018


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Hello community!

We are pleased to announce JVM Roundabout #3 which will be hosted at Rightmove's office in Soho.

The topic of the evening will be "Microservices on the JVM" and we will be hearing from 3 fantastic speakers from Rightmove, Tide and Scott Logic.

Firstly we will hear from David Cuevas from Rightmove who will be speaking about how the rewrite of this legacy application was: What were the problems with it, why they needed to rewrite it, the journey from the very beginning, passing though some implementation details, what were the changes, tests, the decisions, up until its conclusion. David will also talk about improvements, scaling and another crucial aspect of the Microservices world: monitoring. He'll provide a general picture of what the final product is and also what they feel it could be improved even more. We'll then be hearing from Martin Bechtle, Team Lead at Tide, In this talk we will go through an exciting journey from traditional monolithic architectures to large and complex services oriented architectures. During such journey we will redefine the concept of quality, and which techniques can be used to ensure quality on live production systems, with a strong emphasis on monitoring and an interesting discussion about canary monitoring techniques. The concepts presented are inspired by previous talks from lead engineers of tech giants such as Netflix, and Martin's personal experience on growing Tide's backend systems.

Finally, we will hear from Bartosz Jedrzejewski, Lead Developer at Scott Logic, who will be speaking about 'Practical Choreography with Spring Cloud'. Bartosz will be talking about getting your microservices to work with message queues as this may be intimidating at first. In this talk you will see how you can use RabbitMQ and Spring Cloud Stream to create easy to work with choreography for your microservices. You will also see why this approach may be useful in every project. There is more to integrating microservices than making REST calls!


6:00pm - Arrival, networking, pizzas and beer/wine

6:40pm - David Cuevas (Rightmove) - 'Property Alerts: The evolution into microservices'

7:10pm - Martin Bechtle (Tide) - 'Canary monitoring in services oriented architectures'

7.40pm - Bartosz Jedrzejewski (Scott Logic) - 'Practical Choreography with Spring Cloud'.

8.10pm - Networking and drinks

8.45pm - Pub

Thanks all! Please feel free to spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn and Twitter! Our handle for both is @jvmroundabout