Microsoft Quantum Computing




Microsoft Quantum Computing

3 October 2019


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Microsoft has been working for over 20 years on the development of full stack, truly scalable quantum computing, including the q# software development kit, quantum inspired optimization techniques and the mathematics, physics and engineering of Topological Quantum Computing. This event will see leading members of the Microsoft Quantum Team share some updates and insights into this work. Speakers will include:

- Dr. Chris Granade, Senior Research Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Quantum
- Dr. Helmut Katzgraber, Director, Quantum-Inspired Solutions & Principal Research Manager
Samir Kumar, Managing Director, M12
- Dr. Brad Lackey, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Quantum
- Dr. Julie Love, Senior Director, Microsoft Quantum Business Development
- Dr. Matthias Troyer, Distinguished Scientist, Microsoft Quantum
- Moderator: Elisa Garcia, Startup Lead, Microsoft Quantum Network

Doors open at 6.30pm, with the agenda starting at 7pm and ending around 8.30pm. Drink and some nibbles should be available until 9pm.