MidsTest With Louise Gibbs




MidsTest with Louise Gibbs

23 January 2019


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Louise Gibbs will kick off the new year with her talk in January for #MidsTest, with her talk,

"Improving the reliability of automated tests"

Over reliance on technology is a dangerous thing. If I am travelling on the train, I may use a variety of apps on my smartphone to help me get where I need to go. The national rail app will tell me which train to catch, google maps will tell me how to get to the station, I may make a phone call or send a text if the train is delayed and I need to let someone know I am going to be late, and I may listen to some music on Spotify to stop me from getting bored. But what happens if my phone gets lost or stolen? Or the battery runs out? What if there is a design flaw in one of the apps or the smartphone itself?

With this in mind, we now need to think about our own use of test automation. What happens if we rely on tests that are outdated or broken? Worse, what happens if the tests are reporting false positives? In this talk, I aim to discuss the dangers of over reliance on automated tests and the importance of testing your automated tests.