Mike Robinson - A History Of Agility In 12 Objects




Mike Robinson - A History of Agility in 12 Objects

6 February 2019


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Expert Talks Cambridge - Wednesday 6th February - 7pm

Please join us for some a great talk, followed by pizzas and drinks!

Speaker: Mike Robinson | Independent agile consultant, who's helped people, managers and teams from 2 to 2000 in many industries, since 1st learning of Agile (manufacturing) in 1993.

"A History of Agility in 12 Objects"

This talk is a guided, interactive, journey through the history of Agility far beyond the ‘Agile Manifesto’. Our goal is to discover lessons from past times that can help us meet a volatile future.

For the business in which we work, we’ll discuss objects from the ancient Greeks, the CIA and others that might offer more insight into an ‘Agile’ way forward than simply trying to reverse-engineer software practices for wider application.

For ourselves, we’ll discuss the human need for Agility, some personal challenges in achieving it, and the beauty of helping others have it.