Ministry Of Testing - BDD Workshop




Ministry of Testing - BDD Workshop

7 November 2019


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Remember remember the.......seventh........of November - its meetup time again. We have the fantastic STUART DAY joining us this time, with the whole evening dedicated to a BDD workshop. We've spoken for some time about a desire to try something different, to deliver a hands on workshop to help us all learn something that we can take back with us to our teams at work. Well, this is it!

BEHAVIOUR DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT IS........................???????
If you have ever wondered what Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) actually is, this is the first time you have ever heard of it, or you want to share your/listen to other peoples experiences and opinions of using and implementing BDD, then this workshop could be for you.

In this session we will be interacting collaboratively using real life examples to cover off questions such as:

1. What Behaviour Driven Development IS and IS NOT?
2. How can it fit into our delivery?
3. What benefits will it bring?
4. What dangers does it bring?