Ministry Of Testing Edinburgh




Ministry of Testing Edinburgh

21 March 2018


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As always the aim of this meetup is to help foster a test community in Edinburgh to bring people together to talk and learn about good and authentic testing.

For March we have a superb speaker in Gary Davies, Head of Test for Mindtree. Some of you may know Gary from his time in Scotland with App Labs and later with Congizant.

Gary is going to talk to us about a challenge a lot of us face into, how we can manage the transformation from Legacy systems into a modern context.

Synopsis below:
Testing is becoming more of a governance layer in these large scale transitions from legacy application to hosting on the cloud. The new age of continuous testing and continuous automation will of course be fundamental to these programmes, however how does that sit with the rigour of legacy system testing that is required in the most regulated businesses. The executive see the adoption of cloud as a real cost driver and this is where testing becomes an interesting part of the jigsaw.

Areas we will explore:
-Exploring how organisation can manage the transition and transformation from legacy systems to the world of cloud
-The Technology surrounding this
-Managing the role of the business
-Managing the role of the regulator
-Managing the expectation of the executive on cost reduction
-Keeping the BAU running and the business working

Plan of Attack!
• 18:00 - Doors open, Pizza and Drinks
• 18:45 -Welcome and quick introductions
• 18:50 – Gary Davies
• 19:30 - Break
• 19:45 – Lean Coffee
• 20:30 - Socialising at a local watering hole