MK CryptoParty II




MK CryptoParty II

1 November 2018

Milton Keynes

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You don't have to learn everything there is to learn about internet safety in one evening, but you can start now! Come to our CryptoParty and learn the basics from experts and other participants. Listen to enlightening talks. Participate in workshops. Make friends. Teach others.

Bring your smartphone or laptop (or both!) to get most out of the workshops. Tell your friends to come along!

The event is completely free to attend, there will be music and a welcoming atmosphere where you will be able to learn loads (and benefit from it on the spot).

If you are a cybersecurity expert interested in giving a workshop or talk, or if you're interested in sponsoring the event, please contact the meetup organizer here or Twitter @GirlsCodeMK.


- Ethical Hacking De-mystified
The talk aims to de-mystify ethical hacking, while demonstrating the need for everyone to learn the basics of ethical hacking. Particularly in the existing digital society, where our digital identities have become a valuable asset.
Chitra Balakrishna

- Who are you online?
How does the Web know who you are, and how do you control what it knows?' The presentation will look at how our relationship to information on the web has changed relative to our digital identity and the opportunities we have to shift that dynamic.

- Cyber Security
Pat Ryan, CEO Cyber Girls First


- Social media and phishing attacks
@neilnjae will talk about social media privacy, how to spot phishing attacks and avoid attempts to steal your identity.

- How to spot fake news?
@teraknor explains how the concept of fake news is not new and has been with us for a long time. Using the 'source' + 'sense' + 'substance' triage method he will teach us how to discern whether something is (or is not) fake news.

- Using two-factor authentication
@RobinJPickering talks about how passwords are a tried and tested security mechanism, but aren't really good enough in 2018! Phishing attacks, brute force password "guessing", and even just shoulder surfing when you type your password in front of others (or in sight of a CCTV camera) can all be used to silently compromise passwords and take over accounts.