Mobile Test Automation MeetUp




Mobile Test Automation MeetUp

6 February 2018


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#1 - Why and how we roll with a local test lab by Steve Odlind

Cloud solutions are great for access to a wide range of devices for both mobile app and mobile web testing. However, we've found that it doesn't suit all our needs and that there are many benefits to augmenting a cloud test farm with an on-premise device lab - speed of tests, flexibility and lack of constraints.
Smartphone Test Farm (STF) has helped us speed up our delivery cycles and provide greater test coverage, as well as enabling us to access our real devices in multiple locations.

#2 - Application Backdoor via Appium by Rajdeep Varma (

Given the capability of Appium to drive the whole device, we started automation of new apps with Appium. However, we realized a powerful feature was missing in Appium for Android! : The ability to call Application code from automation code like Calabash Backdoors (
As Appium UiAutomator server is based on instrumentation, we modified it such that we could instrument our app under test. This gave us the power to access context of Application under test and invoke public methods of Activity using reflection APIs. We use these methods to setup app state, seed DB OR even enable/disable some client-side A/B tests. This makes our application more testable and our tests more predictable.
This talk is going to be about how I achieved the above solution and benefits of backdoors.