Moodlemoot UK & Ireland 2018




Moodlemoot UK & Ireland 2018

25 - 27 March 2018


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Welcome to Glasgow, Scotland!

For the first time ever, our major MoodleMoot UK & Ireland in 2018 will be held at theUniversity of Strathclyde, Glasgow from 26 – 28 March. Many of us from Moodle HQ will be there and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Let’s get together!

As well as sharing new experiences and results through presentations to each other, Moodlemoots are about networking, connecting with other Moodlers like yourself and discovering people you can keep in touch with all year round.

So we’re making sure there are plenty of social events throughout the conference, and especially a big Moodle Party on the last day, after three full days of learning!

What is a MoodleMoot?

A MoodleMoot is a conference dedicated to users, developers and administrators of the very popular open-source course management system called Moodle.

Why attend MoodleMoot IEUK 2018?

A new look, a new program!

As you might be aware if you have been watching our Chief Moodler’s recent presentations on “Moodle for the next 10 years” at the German, French, Romanian and New Orleans Moots, you would be aware we have some key projects we are currently working on.

Two of those are MoodleNet and Learn Moodle.

We’ve been working behind the scenes and in this Moot we want to introduce key concepts of our new Learn Moodle curriculum and ideas for MoodleNet.

Moodle HQ also invites Moodlers in the UK and Ireland region to join us at #MootIEUK18 to learn about, collaborate and share information on key topics associated with our learning platform, including:

  • Moodle development in terms of performance enhancements, Moodle in the clouds, modernisation of the UI/UX, Moodle Mobile and more;
  • GDPR compliance for your Moodle sites;
  • Education in Moodle & open education resources;
  • How Moodle can and is being used in unusual, creative and advanced ways throughout the country (and beyond).

Network, collaborate and innovate

We have made sure that every day of the Moot is filled with learning opportunities from peers and colleagues and through new workshops by our Education and mobile team!

Don’t miss out as well on networking with new contacts and your own colleagues at our Moodle Party, now being held on the last day on the conference, with food, drinks, entertainment and more!