Moving From MVC To MVVM




Moving From MVC To MVVM

4 February 2019

New York

Added 01-Jan-1970

Join us back at the offices of our friends at Peloton, for two great talks, one from Dean Silfen on writing testable code and the other from Bryan Oltman, on app architecture.

First, Dean Silfen will discuss how to write testable view models using dependency injection and leveraging RxSwift’s TestScheduler type. Test schedulers let us transform difficult-to-test asynchronous code into clean, synchronous code that is easier to reason about and more precise than their plain XCTest counterparts.

Dean is an iOS Engineer at Peloton, where he works primarily on the application’s media player (built entirely with RxSwift). Before Peloton, Dean wrote Ruby and was constantly mad about null-pointer exceptions. Now, Dean writes Swift and while he doesn’t miss null-pointer exceptions, he constantly complains about Xcode’s refactoring tool not working.