Multi-Branding And White Labeling Applications




Multi-Branding and White Labeling Applications

18 July 2019


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Multi-brand companies have a unique challenge when it comes to their web presences. They wonder how to present all their brands using a single website or application. It’s also a big challenge for us as developers. We'll also look at how to white label applications to make it easy for companies to take a pre-built template and use their own logo, colors and other company-specific branding.

What you'll learn at this meetup:
- how Objectivity implemented multi-brand styling in their apps
- the importance of branding
- impact on product and applications
- discover the possibilities of white labeling
- types of implementations: logo and colors vs. customizing the app layout
- how to implement them in Mendix

== Agenda 📅 ==

6:00 pm Dinner 🍕

7:00 pm Presentations👨‍🏫

1) "Building a Multi-Brand Application in Mendix" - by Wojciech Machniak, Sr. UI Developer at Objectivity
2) "Branding and White Labeling - Making Unique Solutions" - by Chris Hodges, Design Lead at Mendix

8:00 pm Drinks & Networking 🍺