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.NET Meetup - Cloud Technologies

31 January 2019


Added 01-Jan-1970

We are delighted to announce that our January meetup will be held and hosted by HESA

It's going to be a great night - pizza and drinks will be provided and we will have 2 talks:

- Talk #1 of the evening will be from Chris Brown who is Lead Software Engineer at HESA.

**Getting started with Azure ARM templates by Chris Brown**

A fundamental part of DevOps is specifying infrastructure as code and automated deployments. Often what can happen is the development side of DevOps is automated via automated builds and testing whilst the Ops side is left with manual releases through portals and other measures.

Azure ARM templates is a straightforward approach to get you up and running automating your releases to multiple environments.

This talk will cover:
• What are Azure ARM templates and why use them
• How to create and deploy ARM templates with Azure Powershell
• Parameterisation of ARM templates to deploy to multiple environments
• An end-to-end example of deploying an Azure storage account with an ARM template

Talk #2 TBC

We look forward to seeing you all there.