.NET Oxford - Twelve Factor Apps




.NET Oxford - Twelve Factor Apps

13 March 2018


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12 Factor Apps with Ian Cooper

The buzz is all around Cloud Native: continuous deployment and easy scaling of your server-side code. You have heard about Docker and Microservices, but what are 12-factor apps? The Twelve-Factor App methodology (https://12factor.net/), was created by engineers with experience of delivering apps on Heroku, and is a "recipe for success" when authoring code for cloud-native scenarios. In this presentation, we will look at what a Twelve-Factor App is, and demonstrate how to meet the requirements when creating .NET applications. We will show examples using ASP.NET Core, Brighter and Darker - and authoring code to meet these requirements, and show its deployment to containers.

By the end of this talk, you will know enough to be able to approach another pillar of Cloud Native.


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