.NET Roundabout #1




.NET Roundabout #1

11 February 2021


Added 01-Jan-1970

Last March we had scheduled what was intended to be our first ever event. Set to be taking place in person at the revamped ASOS HQ, we were ready to go and then Covid appeared...

Now it's 2021, we're back and we're ready to launch our first event online!

We have teamed up with ASOS and Moneybox who will both be giving talks and answering any questions you have.

We'll be live on Youtube at 5pm on 11th Feb - so let us know you're attending here and feel free to set a reminder on the Youtube link!

5:00pm - ASOS (Speaker to be announced)
5:30pm - Moneybox (Speaker to be announced)
6:00pm - Finish

Thanks all! Please feel free to spread the word about this meetup on LinkedIn and Twitter! Our handle for both is @netroundabout